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Clydes Dale Financial L.L.C.

We are providing Trade Finance Services for more than 30 years

About Clydes Dale Financial L.L.C.

Clydes Dale Financial L.L.C. . is the leading trade finance company in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in providing a wide range of Financial Instruments from our own European Bank Accounts.

With an exp. of 30 years, we provide Collateral-Free Trade Finance for clients globally with a retention ratio of 85%. Further, we support – traders, manufacturers, and contractors who face financial crises to conclude their trade deals / contracts on time. With a team of Trade Finance Experts, we are well versed in structuring deals for our clients from all sectors.

Whether you’re a trader who import / export goods or you’re a contractor in the construction sector, we will always standby with you! Moreover, our experts can walk with you and support you; from the start, until the deal is closed. 

We are committed to meet our clients’ needs on time. That’s why Clydes Dale Financial has been recognized & rated as the Trusted Trade Finance Provider in Dubai.

Our Trade Finance Services

Are you looking for a solution to conclude your import/export deals or perform construction or real estate projects? We are here to support your needs by offering Trade Finance Products such as:-


Years of Experience


Satisfied Clients


Client Retention Ratio


Serving 100+ Countries

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Simple Documentation and Quick Approval Process

Why Choose Clydes Dale Financial?

Client Centered Approach

Our clients always come first priority to us. i.e. we give utmost importance for our clients who require financial help to achieve their goals in the closure of their deals.

Deal Closing in 48* hours

We do our best to conclude deals on time. Further, we observe our client’s transaction very closely & make sure the instrument should be issued within 48 hours.

Top Rated Banks

We extend our services to our clients on behalf of them from rated banks. Further, this makes them conclude more worthy contracts with their sellers.

World Wide Reach

By offering a global platform, we are here to help our clients globally to close their deals in timely manner. And, that’s the way, they grow their businesses.

Escrow Payment Option

We provide Escrow Payment option for our clients to secure their payment. And so, this can create a trust for the clients who want to reduce their fiscal risks.


Unlike traditional banks, we do not demand any cash margin from our clients to conclude their deal. Further, our charges are very reasonable & transparent.

How Clydes Dale Financial Works

We are well aware of the changing trends in the global trade market. So, we will help our clients to expand new markets without facing fiscal risks and cash flow issues. Also, our experts provide the best support to the clients -from the time of initial contact to until the deal is closed. Further, we can ensure our clients a successful deal conclusion at the right time without any hassle. Also, we always strive to be the Trusted Trade Finance Partner for our clients with a focus on our Mission, Vision & Values.


“To be the trusted provider of trade finances by offering the best financial support. Also, to meet the financing needs of our clients.”


“We envision a world where our financial tools ease the pressure of cash flow. Also, it gives the freedom to grow businesses worldwide.”


“30 years of exp. and expertise has helped us to provide the best support and solutions to meet the needs and demands of our clients.”

Our CEO Speaks,

Clients are the key to our success. We are happy that Clydes Dale has seen a meaningful impact on its operation by helping more than 25, 000 clients to conclude their deals on time. For this reason, we will continue to invest our hard work and effort to assist our clients to expand their business locally & globally.

With many opportunities opening up in global trade markets, this is the right moment for traders to expand their reach overseas. Further, we help traders who are looking to import / export their goods by providing our trade finance products without cash margin. Also, by doing so, we believe that BWT will play a major role in empowering traders to compete in the global market.

Clydes Dale Financial Delivers the Best Trade Finance Services for Over 30 Years

Till this date, we have assisted more than 25,000 traders & contractors to expand their business; and to help them to trade locally & globally with ease. Further, we serve the role of trade finance provider in – USA, UAE, UK, and the Middle East. Also, we have our presence in Spain, India, China, Pakistan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt, South, East, and West African countries.

Never miss worthy deals because of a lack of cash flow or limited bank facilities! Avail Financial Instruments – Letter of Credit, SBLC & different types of Bank Guarantees from rated banks. To be noted that all these facilities will be extended on your behalf at ZERO Cash Margin within 48 banking hrs.

Contact us now to avail Financial Instruments from Good Rated Banks!

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