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Trade Finance

Clydes Dale Financial L.L.C. is the Trusted Trade Finance provider in Dubai. We are the direct provider of Letter of Credit, SBLC, and Bank Guarantees from our own European Bank accounts. We specialize in assisting traders and contractors by providing different Financial Instruments to conclude their deals without tying up their cash capital.

Being an International Trade Finance provider, we extend our Trade Finance Facilities to all around the world, specifically to USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, UK, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, & so on.

For instance, if you have any trade deals available and your bank says ‘NO’ to assist you. We will say ‘YES’ to support your trade deal by providing Import LC, SBLC, or Bank Guarantees. Moreover, Clydes Dale Financial has helped more than 25,000 clients globally to conclude their deal successfully by availing our Trade Finance products.

Avail our Trade Finance Products listed below and make your international or domestic trade easier & secure.

Trade Finance Products

Our Trade Finance Services Can Maximize Your Profit In a Smart Way

Letters of Credit

Documentary Letters of Credit – DLC MT700 is the most secure Banking Instrument available for buyers & sellers. LC assures the seller that the payment will be made; once the goods were shipped to the buyer’s designated port. Further, MT700 assures the buyer; that the payment will be released; only if the seller supplies the goods as stated in the issued LC. By this, both the seller & buyer can secure their deal! Get LC MT700 at ZERO Cash Margin!

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Standby Letter of Credit

Standby LC – SBLC MT760 act as a safety net whereas a bank undertakes the commitment to pay the seller; in case, if the buyer defaults on the agreement, company closes or went bankruptcy. Standby Letter of Credit shows a sign of trust; also, proves the buyer’s repayment skills, while dealing with unknown trader. Further, by providing SBLC in favor of the seller, the buyer gets more time to pay their due payment. Get SBLC MT760 from European Banks!

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Bank Guarantee

Called as a Letter of Guarantee. Bank Guarantee is issued by a bank via SWFIT MT760 to assure the payment commitment towards the counterparty. Since Bank Guarantees provide payment assurance for the supplied goods, so, it covers the risk factor of the sellers. Further, Guarantee Letter assists importers to do business with big companies that wouldn’t be possible without MT760. Notably, more traders are now concluding their deals / contracts with the help of Bank Guarantee Payment Terms. Get MT760 without blocking your cash funds!

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Performance Bond

Performance Bond also called as Performance Guarantee and Surety Bond. It’s an assurance given by a bank on behalf of its client to guarantee the satisfactory completion of a project or trade deal. Further, this bond acts as a security against the seller’s or contractor’s default. Also, under this Bond, if the contractor failed to perform as per the agreed term, then this surety bond will be claimed. Get Performance Bond Guarantee on your company’s behalf to assure the positive completion of the project & sign worthy contracts.

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Advance Payment Guarantee

Advance Payment Guarantee helps contractors/suppliers to get advance payments from project owners/buyers. Mostly, the developers and the buyers provide advance payments only, if they receive the Advance Payment Guarantee in their bank account. So, if the contractors fail to perform their work, then the developers have a right to claim their advance payment. Get Advance Payment Bond to acquire Advance Payment from your counter parties!

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Bank Comfort Letter

Bank Comfort Letter – It’s a Bank Swift Message sent via MT799 to prove your financial strength. Before signing a new contract to buy bulk goods, the buyer needs to provide BCL MT799 to prove their fiscal ability and to avail POP from the seller. Further, this is a trend in the global market, especially in USA and Europe to avail lucrative commodity contracts. So, traders who have BCL Bank will win more business deals and rule the global trade market.

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Why Choose Clydes Dale Financial?

  • Partnered with Best European Banks
  • More than Decades of Experience
  • No Financial Collateral Required
  • Deal Structuring at No Cost
  • Deal Closed in 24 - 48 Hours*
  • 25,000+ Happy Clients
  • Competitive Rates / Charges
  • Worldwide Presence

Apply Trade Finance Services to Conclude Your Trade Deals

No Collateral! No Cash Margin! Fast Issuance!

Clients’ Reviews

  • Thank you, Team! You people really helped me by providing the best advice to keep my business survive in this COVID pandemic situation. When we contact you for an urgent cash loan to do my import export; instead of saying “No”, you came up with the best idea of using LC at Sight; where I can import goods and pay the seller after the goods are shipped. Even more, it’s really great advice! And then, I asked a lot of queries and doubts; but you were always happy and ready to answer in a polite and friendly manner. Great guys! Really, you are a true helping hand for traders in need! Hereby, I would like to recommend you to anyone looking to avail LC at Sight for their trade deals.

    Katrieca James

  • I have to agree with other reviews! Yes, BWT is the trusted trade finance provider in Dubai, whom you can trust for your trade finance needs. I have visited their office in Dubai today to discuss about my Back to Back LC request. I had a fruitful discussion with Mr. Ismail, the CEO of Bronze Wing! Even though, they will not work on Back to Back LC, he advised me the right direction to get my deal concluded in no time. Also, I was satisfied with the way he explained about the LC process to me. They are the real experts in today’s market. I would like to say to BWT that continue providing the same level of support towards traders who are in need of trade finance. Hope will work with you soon.


  • We are thankful for BWT, the trade finance providers for their timely help in providing SBLC MT760 without cash margin. They have helped alleviate our cash flow delays and have helped our business stay afloat, even in this economic recession. Thanks to BWT for providing such a professional; also , value added service to us. We look forward to working with them in the future. We have been delighted with both their approach; also, the results and would therefore highly recommend Bronze Wing to all!

    Enzo Carlos

  • When I was looking for SBLC providers in Dubai to get SBLC MT760 to import fertilizer from Russia, my friend, Flores W. recommended me to contact BWT. Because he felt completely satisfied with the BCL MT799 transaction done earlier. So, I contacted BWT via email. Further, they helped me through the entire process by providing clear explanations and expert guidance. And also, the service they provided was friendly, efficient and professional. Hereby, I wish to highly recommend BWT in this highly competitive trade finance market. Also, I would definitely come back to you for any of my future deals. Thank you for your assistance so far, Cheers!!!

    Richter. J

  • When we were applying for a Letter of Comfort to import Sugar from a Brazilian seller, the bank said they can’t help us; as we are having a bad credit score. So, we started searching for private sectors. And then, finally found Clydes Dale Financial, a trade finance provider. Further, we submitted our request by filling the contact form on their website. And we got an instant response from BWT. As they requested, we forwarded the further documents and transfer the issuance fees. Further, by the next day, we got an email from BWT that our BCL request has been processed. Surely, it’s amazing…! Thank you, BWT team! Highly recommended!

    Brendan W.

  • I wanted to say “Thank You, BWT” for expediting our LC process & helping us along the way to conclude our steam coal deal. The entire team was fast, knowledgeable and allowed me to do everything by phone & email. Moreover, they explained everything via phone and had the paperwork done within an hour. Also, they started working on my request on the same day & issued the LC within the very next day. Lastly, I wish to say that I would do business with them again in the near future and would recommend them to my other colleagues.

    Keith T.

  • I was in need of a letter of credit to conclude my wheat grain trade deal. While searching for LC providers, I came across Clydes Dale Financial & sent an email to them explaining my request in a detailed way. Further, they clearly studied my queries & approved the request. Further, they did their best to conclude my deal as much as faster and issued the LC within a day as promised. We are grateful beyond words and highly recommend BWT and their team to everyone. Overall….first class service 10 out of 10!

    Lebron M.

  • I would like to thank Clydes Dale Financial and their team for their efforts in getting the SBLC issued. After hitting a brick wall with our banks & brokers, I stumbled upon Clydes Dale Financial on Facebook. I contacted them via phone to schedule an in-person meeting with the CEO of BWT. By good luck, I got the appointment on the same day. I & my business partner visited their office in Dubai to discuss further. The CEO explained all the things in a detailed way. Also, he kept us informed throughout the process, from start to approval. We felt he truly listened to our needs and gave us clear, helpful info. Thank you, BWT!

    Ezra Q.

  • When I was in need of Bank Guarantee to import Steel bars, at first, I tried to go with banks and other private lenders. But unfortunately, all went down, since their demands were harder to manage. So, I decided to contact Clydes Dale Financial for help and within two days, I received the BG, that too, without any cash margin. You guys are awesome & professional! Keep up the great work, team!

    Lian H.

  • Very quick & reliable service! The customer service is excellent! Working with BWT to avail SBLC was a great experience. Just like they advertise, they didn’t pledge any cash collateral from our end. Also, they approved my SBLC request on the same day & issued the SBLC within 48 hours. They were very easy to work with and the process was very simple! And now we wish to say that BWT is our key to the successful conclusion of the deal.

    Jian T'ao.

    Hong Kong.

Latest Transactions

Some of our recent successful transactions

Letter of Credit to Import Millberry Copper Wire Scrap

Requirement:Letter of Credit – DLC MT700

Amount: USD 450,000

Validity: 90 Days

Buyer From: Dubai

Seller From: India

Issued LC MT700 for a Dubai Buyer to Import Millberry Copper Wire Scrap

A Dubai-based company required Letter of Credit – LC MT700 for the tenure of 90 days to import Millberry Copper Wire Scrap from India. Then, we worked for our client’s LC deal by extending our bank support; also, issued the required LC MT700 on behalf of the Dubai trader and in favor of the Indian seller. Further, with the issued LC MT700, the client concluded their trade deal; by importing the required copper scrap from India.

SBLC MT760 for S30 Refined Sugar Transaction

Requirement: SBLC MT760

Buyer From: Sudan

Seller From: Brazil

BWT Issued SBLC MT760 to Import S30 Sugar from Brazil

A Client from Sudan required Standby Letter of Credit to import S30 Refined Sugar from Brazil. Further, to get SBLC MT760 on their behalf, they contacted Bronze Wing with their request. Being SBLC Providers in Dubai, we assisted the buyer and provided the required MT760 from our rated Banks within 48 hours. Finally, this is how the deal between the Sudanese buyer and the Brazilian seller concluded successfully!

Issued SBLC MT760 to Import Cars from Germany

Requirement: SBLC MT760

Amount: USD 4,500,000

Validity : 1 Year

Buyer From: China

Seller From: Germany

Availed SBLC MT760 from Us to Get Import Credit from Their Bank

A Chinese Buyer required Import Credit to import cars from Germany. So, to get the credit facility from their bank, they contacted us to avail SBLC MT760 in their favor. We, the SBLC Providers in Dubai provided Standby LC from our rated bank account without availing cash margin. Further, with the issued SBLC, the Buyer availed the credit from their bank to import cars from Germany.

Provided Performance Bond On Behalf of a UAE Contractor

Requirement: PB MT760

Developer From: UAE

Contractor From: UAE

Performance Bond to assure the Positive Completion of Work

A UAE Contractor required Performance Bond to assure the positive completion of their building project to their client. So, they contacted us with their MT760 request. Despite of COVID-19 outbreak, we did our best to issue the required MT760 Guarantee; from our bank account within 2-3 banking days. In this way, the contractor provided assurance to their client for the completion of their work within the set time limit.

Issued APG MT760 On behalf of a UAE Based Contractor

Requirement: APG MT760

Developer From: UAE

Contractor From: UAE

Advance Payment Guarantee for Construction Contracts

A Construction Company in UAE required Advance Payment Guarantee to get advance payment from their project owner. Further, to avail the required guarantee, the contractor contacted us. Further, we analyzed their request. And then, we decided to provide the bond on their behalf. Further receiving the charges and the required paper works, we issued Advance Payment Bond from our bank account to the project owner’s bank. And this helps the contractor to get the advance payments from their client.

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